High Quality Metal Works

About Us

Misfit Metal Works offers CNC Plasma Cutting, Iron Welding and Metal Fabrication Services.

For general contractors who need structural posts, flanges, or other specific projects that require high-quality CNC plasma cutting, welding or metal fabrication, we’re proud to offer our services. We also partner with homeowners, welders, and fellow blacksmiths who have specific visions for their home or business projects.

Contact our team by phone or email and let us know what you have in mind. We are happy to work with your specs, or we can guide you to create specs using our own custom CAD design. Either way, we are glad to help.

Once specs are finalized, we design, program and cut complex or industrial steel parts and flanges, gussets, posts, pipes, and more as well as artistic designs. For welding, bending, assembling and rolling pieces into completion, we make sure each piece is exactly to your liking and specifications.

CNC plasma cutting thickness capability is up to 7/8″ mild steel.



Metal Fabrication and Prototyping

At Misfit Metal Works we are a custom metal fabrication, job shop and each one of the pieces we build for our clients is unique. With a wide range of sheet metal fabricating capabilities our products are as varied as our clients imagination.


CNC Plasma

From intricate parts to thick steel, Misfit Metal Works has flawlessly cut high quality products for our clientele. Whether you need mass part production or intricate design work, we’ll get you what you need at the quality you specify, in the fastest time possible, and at the most competitive price. 


Laser Engraving

We can engrave logos, text, and most graphics and have the ability to convert graphic files to be used in the engraver.  If you are interested in having your personal or production items engraved, please contact us at or call and arrange to stop by and we will be glad to show you examples of engraving we have done for other companies.